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We have a reputation of delivering projects on time, within budget and with an excellent safety record, underpinned by the commitment by Pretorius Group of Companies leadership and teams to service excellence.


Pretorius Group of Companies “Policy on Sustainable Practices” provides a strong framework, leadership and empowerment for the continued development of sustainable practices. 


We are dedicated to this effort and strive to be a model program for the integration of sustainable practices.


What we’re aiming for

The future of sustainable mining

  • Mining must transform in the decades ahead, starting now.

  • Our industry must address critical challenges of safety, productivity, and the way we use land, energy, and water. As our global population grows, this leads to a greater demand for minerals and metals, core components of products and services that are essential to human progress.

  • But it’s about more than just the work we do and the footprint we leave. We are part of people’s lives. People who demand and deserve more than just high product quality. Modern society rightly expects the mining industry to make a positive contribution to socio-economic development while reducing its environmental footprint and supporting biodiversity.

Our definition of sustainability

  • A sustainable business is purposeful, competitive, resilient and agile –it’s a business that thrives through both economic and social cycles.

  • By understanding the context and listening to stakeholders we stay ahead of evolving trends and provide the solutions to societal expectations. By solving the physical challenges of mining through restless innovation, and by constantly searching for more responsible ways to do business, we are changing the way our employees and stakeholders experience our business – creating enduring value for all stakeholders.

About Us

Pembani Coal Carolina 

Northern Coal


Ilima Coal Company

Msobo Coal

Glencore Coal

Hlagisa Mining

Optimum Coal

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Ilima Coal Company (Pty) Ltd (ICC) is a mining company that operates coal mines in Carolina. The company formed part of Pretorius Group of Companies since 2017. ICC subscribe to the high values of Corporate Social Responsibility which are displayed in the contributions and commitments that were made and continue to make towards socio-economic development projects and programmes for the communities around which the Company conduct its operations.


Based on extensive research in the local community of Carolina, ICC Management decided that the most effective means by which to promote sustainable socio-economic growth within the community would be to form a community development trust which is called Carolina Development Trust. This trust has formed Ilima Development Agency (Pty) Ltd which is a central pivot mechanism around which all Local Economic Development projects are initiated and managed.

Human Capital Investment Programme


The company initiated Human Resources Development programmes that aims to improve the skills of the local communities in general. Although, it is the requirement of the Mining Charter for mining companies to invest in the HRD programmes for the host communities, Ilima Coal invested in this programme beyond the compliance level. Hence, it awarded more than 20 bursaries to the community members of greater Carolina to do various degrees since 2009.


ICC is also investing in an Artisan Development Programme in which two (2) artisan learners from the local community are taken and assisted in becoming qualified artisans through CTC training programme and give them required practical experience in our operation. When the 2 learners complete the programme, two more others are enrolled and this will be an on-going programme as long as ICC is still operating within the community of Carolina.


The company is assisting unemployed community members with Novice Training for Mining Equipment Operators. There are more than 15 community members that benefited from this programme since Ilima Coal became part of PGC in 2017. This programme aims to assist the unemployed community members with the skills that will help them to get jobs at the mines that are operating within Carolina town and anywhere else in South Africa.

Local Economic Development (LED) Projects


Ilima Coal is investing in Local Economic Development initiatives that seek to alleviate poverty and create sustainable jobs for the communities around which it operates. Since the company became part of PGC in 2017, it has invested more than R10 million into Tibaya Farming Projects together with Precision Opencast Mining Services (Pty) Ltd (POMS), which is its main contractor and also part of PGC.


Tibaya Farming Projects (Pty) Ltd was established to initiate and fund various LED projects in the agricultural sector that will create sustainable jobs and income for the people of Carolina. The investment was utilized to fund the Sheep and Goat Farming projects as well as agricultural implements for ploughing feed and planting grass to rehabilitate mined areas. These projects have so far created 19 permanent jobs. The company is in the process of buying Cattle and will also  purchase additional farming land to ensure that these projects become self-sustainable and continue to grow and create more jobs.


Ilima Coal is also procuring Environmental Maintenance and Estate Management Services from Tibaya Farming Projects to increase procurement from local enterprises. Tibaya also benefits from the Enterprise Development and Supplier Development programmes of Ilima Coal and POMS in many ways.

Infrastructure Development Programmes


Ilima Coal values education as the main contributor towards socio-economic development in the society, hence the company assisted so many local learners with bursaries to further their studies in various fields. In addition, ICC has invested in developing infrastructure for educational purpose. We have built two (2) additional classrooms for Carolina Combined School, a school hall for Ezenzeleni Primary School and is starting a process of building six (6) additional classrooms for Violet Jiyane Secondary School. The combined value of all these Infrastructure projects is above R5 million.  


Corporate Social Investment Programme


Ilima Coal has invested more than R1 million in various CSI programmes within the community of Carolina, which among others include Sport Development, Education and Training and Social Welfare Programmes. ICC assisted schools with educational equipment and teaching facilities; creches with toys and educational materials; school kids with uniforms and schoolgirls with sanitary towels. ICC also assisted the Old Aged Home with Cot beds, Wheelchairs and other necessities for the senior citizens. ICC further hosted several sports tournaments to encourage young people to participate in sport and to quit drugs.


ICC’s contribution towards social activities within the community shows how much the company values the social welfare of the communities within which it operates.

Other Charities and Organisations that we are supporting 

Corporate Social Responsibility









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