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We have a reputation of delivering projects on time, within budget and with an excellent safety record, underpinned by the commitment by Pretorius Group of Companies leadership and teams to service excellence.

Through our innovative solutions and our significant experience in the industry, we have become a well-recognised contender in the mining sector.

Pretorius Group of Companies (PGC) commits to being the preferred provider of innovative, quality solutions in all activities, products, services and facilities that the organisational controls or influences that can result in a health and Safety Risk related to mining services.


PGC intends to ensure that our operations are conducted in a manner that will achieve excellence in all business activities impacting on Health, Safety and Environmental management. 

Pembani Coal Carolina 

Northern Coal


Ilima Coal Company

Msobo Coal

Glencore Coal

Hlagisa Mining

Optimum Coal

Umcebo Mining

Commencement Date I January 2009

Total Project BCM       I  13,980,759

Umcebo Mining

Commencement Date I January 2012

Total Project BCM       I  44,664,491

Pembani Coal Carolina

Commencement Date I September 2017

Total Project BCM  I  5,673,696


Commencement Date I May 2009

Total Project BCM       I  5,987,121

BA Wessels Zevenfontein

Commencement Date I August 2012

Total Project BCM       I  44,481,910

Hlagisa Mining

Commencement Date I October 2016

Total Project BCM       I  23,487,598

Ilima Coal Company

Commencement Date I January 2012

Total Project BCM       I 34,828,134

Optimum Coal

Commencement Date I July 2016

Total Project BCM       I  24,947,891

MSOBO Mining

Commencement Date I October 2018

Total Project BCM       I  4,338,803

Northern Coal