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We have a reputation of delivering projects on time, within budget and with an excellent safety record, underpinned by the commitment by Pretorius Group of Companies leadership and teams to service excellence.

Pretorius Group of Companies commits to being the preferred provider of innovative, quality solutions in all activities, products, services and facilities that the organisational controls or influences that can result in a health and Safety Risk related to opencast mining , blasting, pit and technical services.


PGC intends to ensure that our operations are conducted in a manner that will achieve excellence in all business activities impacting on Health, Safety and Environmental management. 

Health and Safety Management System


PGC have a fully integrated real time web based Health, Safety, Environmental and Training Management System that includes the following modules -


  • Document and record control system

  • Non conformance reporting system

  • Incident and accident investigation system

  • PPE issuing and monitoring system

  • Internal audit system

  • Action manger system

  • Scheduled action system 

  • Man hours system 

  • Plant and equipment maintenance system 

  • Planned task observations system 

  • Inspections and actions system 

  • Risk management system

  • Training and compliance monitoring system​

  • Meetings management system 

  • Management of change system

  • Business intelligence dashboard 

  • Near miss system

  • Real time reports and dashboards  

Pembani Coal Carolina 

Northern Coal


Ilima Coal Company

Msobo Coal

Glencore Coal

Hlagisa Mining

Optimum Coal

Umcebo Mining

Safety Management Compliance


We recognise that the key to a safe workplace is through the development of a safety culture where our people show a genuine desire to protect not only their own safety but also the safety of fellow workers.


  • The safety of our people is a value which is not compromised

  • Safety excellence is recognised as good business

  • Leaders at all levels are safety role models

  • All incidents and accidents can be prevented

  • People are aware of the hazards and risks in their workplace and act accordingly

  • Compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is absolute

  • At risk behaviour is not accepted and will be addressed when observed.

  • Effective skills to lead and work safely are developed through ongoing training and mentoring

  • Where risks are identified, plans will be developed and implemented to manage the risk

Occupational Health Management Compliances


  • Health stressors will be continuously identified, evaluated and controlled in all areas across our operations.

  • The workplace will be continuously re-engineered to reduce health stressors.

  • Where this is not possible, appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided, maintained and enforced.

  • PGC is committed to prevent injuries and ill health.


Environmental Management Compliance 


  • Statutory and management control measures will be maintained and optimised to ensure the effective prevention of environmental pollution.

  • People are aware of the environmental risks and they will act in a manner which best prevents these risks.

Risk Management Compliance


  • By understanding and managing risk, we can provide greater certainty for our stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

  • Throughout PGC, we will adopt a structured and consistent approach to risk management, aligning strategy, processes, people, technology and knowledge for the purpose of evaluating and managing the uncertainties we face in creating shareholder value.

  • The aim is for risk management to become embedded into all critical business systems and processes to ensure risks associated with changes or investments are systematically identified and managed on a common and holistic basis.

  • The level of risk control will be balanced by our continued encouragement of enterprise and innovation, with good business governance being assured through the regular measurement and reporting of our risk management performance.

  • These assurance processes will focus on improving our ability to manage risk effectively so that we can quickly and confidently act on opportunities to gain competitive advantage, create value and achieve real growth.

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