We have a reputation of delivering projects on time, within budget and with an excellent safety record, underpinned by the commitment by Pretorius Group of Companies leadership and teams to service excellence.

Proper maintenance and repairs are well enforced in the Group to reduce the signs of aging to ensure that our production goals are met. 

Inspections and diagnostics on our equipment

More effective management comes from better information. Our diagnostic services help with maintenance planning, issue identification and analysis as well as determining areas of improvement.

Mechanical and electrical inspections on our equipment 


Our qualified personnel carry out thorough inspections to determine the operating condition of our machines

Internal and external equipment audits  


Existing equipment configurations are reviewed to determine potential upgrades and modifications for improved performance

Inventory assessment


In-depth review of historical maintenance records and current operations to achieve optimal parts inventory

Online condition monitoring


Continuously monitor the condition of our critical devices and components

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Northern Coal


Ilima Coal Company

Msobo Coal

Glencore Coal

Hlagisa Mining

Optimum Coal

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