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We have a reputation of delivering projects on time, within budget and with an excellent safety record, underpinned by the commitment by Pretorius Group of Companies leadership and teams to service excellence.





SANGO Development Company

SANGO Development Company was established in 2012 to support the orphans and widows, the most vulnerable in society. “SANGO” is defined as the “gate” and we believe this non-profit company will be used to identify opportunities to assist communities where orphans and widows can be equipped to sustain themselves.

SANGO Development Company Team:


  1. Community Developer – Rachel Kakesa

  2. Centre Manager – Selby Mohlamonyane

  3. Maintenance Coordinator – December Masango (operating from Mukulungwe Village)

  4. Centre facilitator and Literature Teacher – Betty Mtsweni (operating from Mukulungwe Village

  5. Creche Coordinator – Linda Ntswana (operating from Mukulungwe Village)

  6. Centre Pastor - Jan Sithole 

  7. Full Time SANGO Driver - Brain Sithole 


Pembani Coal Carolina 

Northern Coal


Ilima Coal Company

Msobo Coal

Glencore Coal

Hlagisa Mining

Optimum Coal

Umcebo Mining

SANGO Current Projects 

SANGO has a partnership with the CMR office in Middelburg whereby they work hand in hand on projects as and when the priority arises such as –

Mukulungwe Village, Laersdrift, Stoffberg one of the 3 poorests rural areas in South Africa (as per a study done by the Stellenbosch University). SANGO Development Company purchased 3 stands from the local municipality in order to develop the ground for a community centre, sports fields and offices to assist in the work that is being done within the village. SANGO works closely with the CMR social worker who has been assigned to the village. Seeing to needs of orphans within the school, working with Rotary Middelburg to identify elderly needing wheel chairs and assistance.

Water project – looking for sustainable water sources, job creation, vegetable gardens, skills development, reading and writing centre and a pre-primary crèche.

Place of Safety Home Middelburg – Assisting this home, originated by the CMR to house children who have been removed from their homes and are placed under the care of social workers from the CMR.

Scope of Services Rendered


Child Protection Services / Programmes

Our child protection programmes aim to safeguard and promote child-wellbeing and build resilience of families to care and protect children.


Child Protection Services:

  • We do public education and prevention programmes targeting children, parent’s families and communities with more focus on parental responsibilities and rights. We do this by hosting an annual Child Protection week event that is taking place Between May and June every year.

  • We are involved in a range of services and programmes for children with risky behaviours e.g. Temporary safe care programmes, adolescence development. Statutory services, foster care programmes and adoption programs.

  • We also do programs aimed at reunifying children who had been in alternative care with their families of origin.


Family Preservation Services

Early Childhood Development

Total no of children 37

  • The Sango Day Care/ crèche is the only facility within the area of Sango which caters various early childhood services to the community. Most of the people around are unemployed, solely dependent on the social grants from the state that is not sufficient to cater for all basic needs in the house.

  • Our main focus is children from the disadvantaged poor families without sufficient income to meet their daily basic needs.

  • 3 primary caregivers employed by Sango to focus on the psycho-social support of these 0-6 years children including children from the child-headed households.

  • Develop and maintained various aspects such as good nutrition, safe water, primary health care and hygiene to the children.

  • Promotion of an approach that is holistic and at the centre of a protective and enabling environment that brings together the elements required for the full development of children.

  • Spiritual Development.

  • Physical Development.

  • Communication skills and learning about the world.


SANGO Community Garden 

  • The Sango Community garden created employment to the locals.

  • The garden provides fresh vegetables such as beans, spinach, beetroot, onion etc.

  • It also makes it possible for many people to get fresh vegetables that they cannot afford.

  • It provides fresh nutritious food which is given to the poor with their food parcels at no cost and improve their diet and health.


Community Development Programmes 

  • Holiday programmes for disadvantaged and learners from poor families (school holidays only).

  • Awareness campaigns e.g. child protection.

  • Door to Door Campaigns.

  • Youth programs.

  • Nutritional porridge to the sick sponsored by Sango.

  • Tackling the issue of lack of identification documents through the Department of Home Affairs, main focus being late registration of births. FREE transport provided by Sango to Home Affairs.

  • Application of social grants from the premises of SDC by SASSA.

  • Counselling of substance abuse individuals e.g. methylated spirit.


SANGO Combined School Involvement 

Mrs. Rachel Muke and Koketso (Sango Employees based full time at the school)


Services at Schools 

  • Supply of sanitary pads to the needy learners.

  • Provide counselling to learners social functioning.

  • Act as mediators between the teachers and learners.

  • Cultivate the valve of self-determination with the learners and how best we can respond to their daily challenges at school.

  • Provide life-skills education to learners.

  • Fight the debacle of peer group pressures.

  • HIV prevention an awareness.

  • Teenage pregnancies awareness.

  • Provision of material need to learners e.g. School uniform. 


Biblical and Religious Programme 

  • Proclaiming the word of God in a chapel pulpit ministry to everyone.

  • Provide biblical counselling.

  • Weekly visitations of community for prayers and word teachings.

  • Weekly bible study.


SANGO Mobile Unit 

The facility provides and enables the health Department nurses to render services to the community of Laersdrift in a conducive and dignified environment.


SANGO Drop in Centre

  • The Drop-in centre is not operational at the moment. The centre will provide various services such as learner support initiatives.

  • Assisting slow learners with homework.

  • Life-skills programmes.

  • Recreational unit for games.

  • Laundry services meant for the poor.

  • Services to the chronic elderly people.

  • Community Library and access to information.








SANGO Development Events 

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